The World of Oliland

Lithium Homeland of Elves, Lithium is the very pentacle of cohabitation between the nature and it’s Inhabitants . Minimalist architecture striving to making their homes from the trees themselves.

Silt Traditional home to Humans and Dwarves.

The Red Isles A confederation of Island Nations Located between Lithium and Silt. Despite the small size of the islands together they have withstood several attempted invasions from their larger neighbors.

Ruk Spires Home of the Aarakocra and other bird people such as the Kenku. One is well pressed to make it past the port towns of the Kenku with enough wealth to venture to the tops of the Seamount to visit the temples of the Aarakocra.

Northern Expanse The great wild lands of the Northern Expanse hosts the largest amount of natural resources in all of Oliland. The numerous attempts to tap into the lands here have been quickly and decisively crushed both by the hardy and “barbaric” inhabitants as well as the very land, sea, and sky.

Eisen The Homeland of the Gnomes and their mechanical guardians the Warforged. The history of invasion, enslavement and pillaging of their ideas and technology have given the gnomes a well deserved wariness of outsiders. The Jungles are rumored to house great secrets and powerful artifacts from the war between the Gods and Primordials.

Eden The Land of Dragons. Controlled by the four largest tribes of the Dragonborn, Eden was once an island paradise it is now a veritable dessert wasteland.

Shram The Shelled out and Scorched lands that once held the Adventurers Guild. The land is now barren and lifeless after a violent and bloody separation between the Guild and the College of Magi.

Ciorcal The new home of the College of Magi sits on an artificial island by The Circle of Eight from Which the Isle gets its name.

The World of Oliland

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